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St. Emily Faculty and Staff

St. Emily School is blessed to have such an outstanding faculty.  The faculty and staff share their God-given talents and have a positive impact on our students.  The school leadership team is constantly seen around the school visiting classrooms and getting to know the students on a personal level.  The office staff are top notch workers and keep the school running smoothly. The teachers are the cornerstone of the school and they ignite the love of learning in our students.  They play such a pivotal role in our students’ faith formation, academic development, and social emotional well-being.  The sense of family felt throughout the campus is not lost among the staff as 61% of them are graduates or have sent their children through the school, some have even done both!

School Leadership

Ms. Karen Booth

Mrs. Diane Mullins
Assistant Principal

Fr. Hank Lyon
Associate Pastor

Office Administrative Staff

Mrs. Kathy Bruno

Mrs. Lisa Geiger
Administrative Assistant

Teachers and Instructional Assistants

Mrs. Lucy Bergstrom
8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Sandra Brogmus
6th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Annie Buechele
5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Clarke
Science Teacher, 6th-8th Grade

Mrs. Terri Cortese
Instructional Assistant, Pre-Kindergarten 3

Mrs. Laura Erickson
K-8th Grade Art Teacher

Mrs. Jackie Ewig
1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Emily Goebel
4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Marianne Grossmayer
Technology Teacher

Mrs. Mallory Letica
2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Karolyn Marabotti
7th Grade Teacher

Ms. Dominique Modory
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Laura Rucinski
Physical Education, Prek3-8th Grade

Mrs. Joanne Sanford
Pre-Kindergarten 4 Teacher

Mrs. Valerie Shapiro
Instructional Assistant Pre-Kindergarten 4

Mrs. Maddie Smith
Music Teacher

Mrs. Kathleen Willing
3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Kathy Wosz
Instructional Assistant- Prekindergarten 4

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