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Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

These are challenging economic times for many families, including those of our school and parish.  Our tuition does not cover the true cost of educating each child at St. Emily.  The difference is made up through fundraising and the parish investment, which means that each child receives a scholarship. However, we understand that even with this scholarship many families could still use help to bring that cost down. 

Almost 30% of our students receive some type of tuition assistance totally over $160,000. 

One of the main ways families earn scholarship money is through Empower Illinois Scholarship Program. In 2017 Illinois lawmakers passed the “Invest In Kids Act” which allows low-income and working class families the opportunity to earn scholarship money.  This money can help you afford a Catholic School education for your family, and has the potential to cover up to 100% of tuition for coming school year. 

Please see the items below for more information or call the school (847) 296-3490 to talk to someone about the scholarship program or tuition assistance.

SES Financial Assistance Guidelines

Blackbaud Financial Assistance Guidelines

Blackbaud Financial Assistance Instructions

Empower Illinois Introduction

Empower Illinois Instructions

Empower Illinois FAQs


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