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School Philosophy

School Philosophy

As members of the St. Emily Parish School community, we believe in Catholic education as a vital part of the evangelizing mission of the Church. Through a Christian environment, we believe Gospel values will be fostered within the development of the individual’s full potential.

We are committed to maintaining a climate of respect in which all can learn and apply the skills that will allow them to be successful and productive members of society. In a collaborative spirit, we share with the parent/guardian, the first educators of the child, in developing an atmosphere wherein respect, support and the modeling of positive behaviors is primary.

We accept responsibility for providing a safe environment wherein a student has the opportunity to reach his/her full potential. With an emphasis on literacy and problem-solving skills, the school provides varied learning experiences, addressing the uniqueness of each student.

We believe the teacher facilitates learning and models a positive learning attitude, which encourages students to continually strive for personal success throughout life.

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